90s horros movie cant find anything anywhere, been looking for years!

So this movie I saw back in the late 90s maybe early 2000s, it was playing on TV and I’ve struggled many years now and cant find anything about it anywhere!

So the parts I remember was that some kids or high school teenagers went on a trip and their bus broke down or crashed or something and they had to camp in the forest, and they start telling ghost stories and the stories were like short films inside the movie, kinda like “are you afraid of the dark?” but not quite. One of the stories that stuck with me forever went like this…

Some guy in the middle of the night in the rain was travelling or something and went to a house near the road to ask if he could stay the night or something like that, and a beautiful girl opens the door, she was wearing a locket with a ribbon around her neck, she couldn’t speak a word, she seemed to be mute, and she seemed worried that the guy was there, but she let him stay the night anyway, then the ghost of the girls father would haunt them with an ax (I think) and call the guy out like he recognized him. At the end of the story they run away from her father’s ghost, they’re sitting down but then she takes the ribbon with the locked off her neck and gives it to the guy, when he opens it there’s an old picture of him in one side and an old picture of her on the other, then she finally speaks and says “I love you” and her head falls off. yeah. that stuck with me pretty well.

So that’s one story in the movie, but the kids tell more I don’t really remember, but there was also a twist with them because they were all dead and they didnt know,I guess the bus did crash or something.

I hope some one can help me with this one, I know it will be hard because none of my friends say they remember a movie like that but are intrigued because the plot seems interesting.

I have found similar stories about a girl wearing a green or red ribbon and at the end her head falls off, but nothing about the movie, and almost every October i find myself looking and researching the web for it, should I hire a professional? please HELP!

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