90s Animated Fantasy Kids Movie

Trying to remember this awesome animated kids movie from my childhood!

The lead protagonist is a young female girl who acquires a ruby jewel shaped like a pentagon.

The antagonists in the movie are two witches.

One of the two is the main bad witch who is tall, dressed with midevil closths and a matching triangular headpiece.

The other witch is her lackey and not as resourceful.

The bad witches want the ruby pentagon to maintain their dominance as the jewel gives the good young girl powerful leverage to defeat the bad witches.

The scenes always seemed wooded and mythical with much more emphasis on the progress of the characters than their whereabouts.

Its not Thimbalina. The bad witch had a lot of lightning shown as her power was being used.

The animated style was a cross of classic and anime. Dark at times with the lead antagonist being quite dramatic with her desire for dominance.

Hope this helps spark any thoughts and answers 🙂

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