90s Action Movie

Ok first of all I will apologize in advance for the vague descriptions, it’s been a long time since I saw this movie. So I saw it in 1999 on vhs, it was in colour and in English. I’m not sure if the movie was made recent to the time I saw it or a little before, but I’m fairly confident in was made in the 90s but could be 80s.

The first scene I can remember was a bad guy disguising himself as a pizza delivery man to break into a police station, and he shot the cop at the door through the pizza box.

The next scene I remember is the good guy going on the run with a woman, and they had sex on a train. lol

I remember one of the action scenes a female bad person got stabbed in the crotch.

I vaguely remember the last scene was on a ship and the ship getting blown up. I think I also remember something about a guy trying to shoot a machine gun with the safety on but I might be confused on that bit.

If someone gets this movie off just these few things I will be amazed and very grateful.

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