80’s teen sex comedy


I’m looking for a teen sex comedy from the mid 80’s to early 90’s (1985 to 1993).
I rented it from a video rental shop around 1993.

The movie is about a group of young guys fooling around (classic 80’s teen movie plot). It has a scene of full frontal nudity of two girls undressing (I have a faint idea they are strippers or prostitutes, not sure) this image stuck to my mind, being a teenager myself at the time, because it shows small perfectly trimmed triangles of pubic hair. There is also a scene where one of the guys, surrounded by all the others,  farts in the direction of a lighter, making a huge flame burst come out of his backside.

I went through several lists of popular teen movies from that time but I haven’t found it yet. I guess it is a lesser known movie, maybe only released on VHS.

Thank you.

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