80s Post apocalyptic movie

What I remember of the movie: I saw it in the early 80s, but maybe it was made late 70s. Post apocalyptic, water is the most valuable and rare resource. The scene that always sticks out in my mind is a woman with really frizzy hair stabbing an elderly stout man in the abdomen with a metal device she wears on her knuckles, kinda like brass knuckles, but with sharp pointy things sticking up.

I know it’s not any of the Mad Max movies (as I own them all). Thank you for your help 🙂

5 thoughts on “80s Post apocalyptic movie

    1. Thank you for your assistance. I looked up Stryker on Youtube, after watching it, turns out it wasn’t it, but it gave other suggestions, and the next movie I looked up is called Exterminators of the Year 3000, and that was it!

      So, admin give Livinghead the Solve!

      1. Thank you, but I don’t want credit for something that I didn’t find. That was very nice of you though. I’m glad that you found it and let us know.

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