80’s or 90’s Horse Fantasy Film

I saw this movie in approximately 1994-1995, and a rough synopsis would be that it is about a girl and her companion (maybe male or even perhaps some sort of fictional creature) searching the land for a set of keys in order to unlock a door and free a horse or multiple horses. It was in color, and could possibly have been made for television, but not definitely, as I saw it on a VHS that could have been the real deal or taped from TV. It was a movie that was made for kids. I remember the girl was wearing a dress, and there was some sort of evil force or witch trying to prevent them from freeing the horse or horses.

I never got the name of the movie when I was a kid and only saw it the one time, but it has been on my mind once or twice a year ever since.

4 thoughts on “80’s or 90’s Horse Fantasy Film

  1. Thanks guys! Close, but no cigar. Great suggestions though. The movie is definitely along the same vein as all of the suggestions except The Last Unicorn. The movie I remember is live action. And collecting a series of keys to open the stables is a central part to the plot.

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