80’s or 90’s Horror Movie

There was this movie, i remember very little, though def horror.  One of the first scenes is this guy going up to a house/hotel(?) and peers through and sees what i would assume was his gf or crush, who is riding some other dude.  It’s a back shot, Don’t think there was nudity.  It flashes over to the peeper, and i remember this heavy synth yell sound, like a Mortal Kombat sound almost, like “a man, sorry you caught her taking the slip!”.  Cut to a few scrambled memories later, 2 teens/young adult dudes sneak into a psych ward or hospital, which seems to be open still as their is a guard they sneak by(I think, they could have broken in from another part of the place), and sneak down to this one room with a big door.  One of the guys sticks his hand through the door through an opening(bad idea of course), and this thing on the other side pulls him, ripping his hand off.  The next scene i remember is this thing coming out of the room, holding the friend with no hand by the jacket, and the dude is just whimpering like”it took my hand”.  couple of shots to severed hand, and then to the creature.  Looks, in memory, kinda like Nosferatu.  I THINK it says something to the friend who is watching all of this.  Only other vague memory i have is i think this thing starts to creep up to the guard area of this hospital, really white room with a guy maybe sleeping?  I don’t know, never got past farther then that as a kid, too freaked out!  HELP!!!

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  1. there’s a scene something like that in HHN, but the guy says “i can’t stop the bleeding!” and we never see the killer with the severed hand. there’s nothing like the first scene described. maybe two different movies?

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