80s or 90s Film

I think the movie was made in the late 80s or early 90s but might have had a setting somewhere between the 40s-60s possibly. Or a modern artist brought back in time via the setting of the comic or artwork he’s working on There is a male protagonist and I remember him being some kind of artist or artist assistant? (some thing to do with a comic?) And he’s doing something with a piece of artwork that has a woman on it and by some means he begins interacting with her. I believe at some point in the film he is pulled into her world. All of this is live action by the way there are only some animated sequences of her speaking but when he is pulled into her world she is a real person not an animation. I fell like a remember something happening in a jungle or forest and eventually he ends up back in the real world I think I remember at the end of the film that while looking back at a sketch of the woman he looks up and she is there. I believe I saw it on a cable movie network, maybe HBO or the like?

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