80’s or 90’s alien movie

I believe it was somewhere mid-80’s to mid 90’s but not 100% sure. I do know I saw it in the 90’s as a kid. The scene I remember is a girl is sitting on a guy’s lap at some concert or party. They’re making out and she leans back. He sort of dips her and while she is upside down she sees the alien on the ground. I’m not sure if the alien kills her or what but when the guys pulls her back up she seems passed out so he just lets her drop to the ground and walks off to party elsewhere. I also believe there was a scene where a homeless man sleeping in the sewer was attacked by the alien but I could be mixing movies. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “80’s or 90’s alien movie

  1. That’s it! I remembered thinking the alien looked sort of like the face huggers in Alien but thought maybe that was just me mashing together two movies I remembered and didn’t want to mention it to throw off the search. But there it is skittering into the gutter! You nailed it. Thanks so much!!!

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