80s(?) movie ending – protagonist shot

I can only remember the end of this movie (because it’s all I saw), my friend’s older sisters’ were watching it, and I just saw the final few 2/3 minutes. There ‘s the guy, who appeared to be the lead, it’s like he’s been on the run for the film, he’s wearing a green army jacket, he walks down some steps, kinda like a football ground or some kind of outdoor theatre, takes a sandwich out of bin, takes a bite and walks down some steps, there are loads of police waiting for him as he comes down the steps, think he may have a gun on him, the next bit is hazy, but the police end up killing him, and I remember some remorse from one, or some of them.

I’m afraid that’s all I got, only I watched it around 90/91, and it was probably a movie rental, so maybe late eighties? I’ve wanted to know what it is for years

7 thoughts on “80s(?) movie ending – protagonist shot

  1. “Ruckus”(1980)? Haven’t seen it, but it stars Dirk Benedict as a vietnam vet and he wears the green army jacket in it.

    1. No, but thanks. I think the guy might be a teenager, but being an eighties film, played by an older actor, early mid twenties. It’s definitely not a comedy, the ending was really upsetting.

    2. sorry, I realise that’s not a comedy, it’s no tit, but that film looks interesting, Linda Blair and Face, going to have a look!

    1. Wow! That’s amazing, you’re on the money, weird I don’t remember it as Emilio Estevaz, I must have seen it before Young Guns, but it was such a small scene, thanks, you’ve put decades of guessing to bed, Cheers!

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