80’s movie demon cat statue with glowing eyes

I have been trying to find this movie forever and its killing me.

I’m pretty sure i saw it in the early 80’s so it very well could be a 70’s or 80’s movie. I don’t think it was a straight horror movie. Also think I watched it on HBO but I could be wrong. After so long I’m not sure if I’m combining more than one movie but, here it goes…

The movie had a demon/cat statue with glowing eyes. I seem to remember these people were looking for it at a warehouse. There was one scene where someone walked up the back stairs to the warehouse and the camera pans back to reveal the statue somewhere in the parking lot. I also swear that at the end of the movie there was a bunch of people in the woods at night and one person was in a rocking chair (or wheelchair) and the Queen song We are the Champions was playing. The movie had an overall dark look to it. I recently watched the Chuck Norris movie “A Force of One” at times it reminded of the movie i’m looking for because of the scenes where Chuck is seeking around in the dark at a warehouse. It had that dark look to it, you know when they are in a dark room and you can barely see whats going on.

Thanks for any help.

4 thoughts on “80’s movie demon cat statue with glowing eyes

  1. I dont know about the cat statue, but the We are the champions scene sounds like the ending to D2 the mighty ducks

  2. Thanks for the link! I definitely wasn’t any of those movies. Sometimes i feel because it was so long ago I could be combining to memories.

  3. “Shadow Chasers”(TV series 1985-1986)?

    I think it might be this, but I can’t find much online about it. It only ran for 1 season in hour long episodes. Here is the intro from YouTube, and you can see a glowing eyed cat statue at 0:25:00.


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