80s motocycle cop/cadet sexy comedy

I only remember three scenes.

#1 A woman cop/cadet is on a motorcycle training course with her group and shes kinda grinding on her bike and climax.

#2 A male cop gets flipped of his bike and lands on a bed between to girls on a big boat(i think it was a boat). A huge dude then walks in and tosses him out

#3 Same as #2 but later in the end of the movie but this time no dude comes in to toss him away from the girls.

1 thought on “80s motocycle cop/cadet sexy comedy

  1. I believe that the film you seek is “Recruits” from 1986, it’s a Canadian ‘sex comedy’.


    There is a hardcoded subbed version on youtube here.


    The grinding/climax scene is at aprox 30:28, and cuts back to her a few times over the next couple minutes.

    The first bed landing scene is roughly 7:28 in.

    And the Second bed landing is at 1:25:16, just before the credits roll.

    My favorite scene was the cleaning of the gun in bed (aprox 37:55)

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