80s horror, portal in a house??

Hi all,

hope someone can help.

i remember this horror/sci-fi, where scientists of some sort when into a house with lots of floors? To study some sort of portal. I remeber the portal becoming more powerful and growing. It could of been a tree of some sort growing vines??

my strongest memory of it was whatever was going on, it was causing the public outside to act strangely, stopping in the street

at one point the whole alleyway outside were all standing still

one of the students/scientists drops down into the alley gor some reason and the people are like zombies coming towards him but he is pulled up To safety?? (I think)


please help its wrecking my head

i did find out the name of it years ago and ive got a feeling its sonething like

’the pendulum’

or ‘the paradox’

could be off the mark but hope someone can remeber it



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