80’s horror movie with possible fantasy/adventure aspects

I was too young to handle a specific scene in which a night of terror was transpiring in the form of an arabian party with i’m assuming dancing and drinking with a featured woman wearing a belly dancer’s outfit of sorts. At one point a man’s hand was severed and began crawling on the table as the man screamed watching it crawl. I had to leave at that point but the next day I saw another clip of the movie half-way through which is very minor but where I’m assuming the hero and perhaps his love interest (maybe he was alone i’m not sure) was walking over a ridge perhaps not wanting to be seen by enemies in the distance and being very careful perhaps because he had gone through such an ordeal by that point. That’s all I can remember because that’s all I saw of it but it’s left quite an impression on me and hopefully I can get some help figuring it out here.

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