80’s horror film nightmare

I remember watching a film when I was younger. I remember very little about it apart from the following:

The film starts with a girl being chased, but she is saved when she arrives at her house where the rest of her family are.

The film ends at a fairground. I remember the evil bad guy was possibly standing on top of the ferris wheel. I have a vague image of the evil bad guys face in the sky laughing as he chases the girl and her friends to the fairground.

I also remember that the front cover to the VHS was similar to Return of the Living Dead II, with the bad guys face in the clouds/sky.

Not much to go on I know, but it’s been bugging me for years. I must have been at least 10 when I watched it, so that was around 1991. I can’t imagine my parents letting me watch a real horror film at that age so it is possibly a family horror film.

Hope someone can help.

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