80s fantasy with the end of the rainbow and midgets

I have been trying to figure this movie out for years. I believe it to be a movie and not a television show.


I remember a boy sleeping in his room who was then visited by midgets in the middle of the night and bedroom walls moved around.


I remember them being in a field and there being a rainbow they went into the rainbow to reach the end, as the passed through the colors of the rainbow the filter on screen would change, I remember loving this.


The next part I believe to be from the same film. They went to a different land, and there were a King and Queen, and the people had these large paint vats where they would drop a person into the paint/goop and they would come out transformed as a anthro butterfly.


I was about 4/5 years old when I saw this film. I watched it at home it would have been about 1989/1990 approx. So released before that. It was in color.


Any help to solve this or part of the mystery would be helpful 🙂

7 thoughts on “80s fantasy with the end of the rainbow and midgets

      1. I do not remember a rainbow scene like you described in Time Bandits, and I’m having trouble picturing an “anthro butterfly,” so it possible it’s a different movie or you have two movies mixed up (very possible if you were as young as you say you were when you saw them).

        1. Doing some research it may be Mio In the Land Of Faraway or The Quest will have to watch all 3 this weekend and find out.

  1. This! It’s The Great Land of Small because I was just trying to find the damn title for this. I remembered everything but the name.

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