80s fantasy flick

This was a fantasy/medieval movie from the early 80s or late 70s, perhaps. There was something about a sacrifice or a forced marriage of a virgin(s) or princess. When someone turns the table on the head priest or king who has been in charge of this, he declares something like “If I cannot, none shall” and tries to kill her.

I assumed it was Dragonslayer (1981) but I cannot find that scene in the film.

6 thoughts on “80s fantasy flick

  1. Thanks but no. I remember Clash of the Titans well. This was more medieval/Lord of the Rings period. The king or priest, as I recall (possibly flawed), seemed to be like a Catholic bishop or cardinal, with a big hat and white robes. Not more than 75% on that, but that’s how my eight or ten year old brain remembered it.

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