80’s cable animated weirdness where people willingly (or are deceived to) die to be reborn as beautiful…

… flower creatures

So this is a long shot.

Sometime around 1983  – 1984 my babysitter was watching an animated short on cable. I recall it being black and white. The premise had something to do with a villain character who promised to transform people into these half human, half flower creatures, but they had to sign up to die a horrible death in order for it to happen. I recall one scene where the villain was trying to “sell” a death to a tall woman in a black dress. They were standing in front of an array of TV screens showing images of people with their heads in lions mouths, tied to train tracks, etc. In the end, the woman gets run over by a train and instantaneously emerges as a black and white flower.

I was very young, and this could have been a dream (or I could have been dozing off while my babysitter was watching Rocky and Bullwinkle), but it left a very real impression. Anyone know of this?

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