80s anthology horror film with canned human fingers

I’ve been trying to find this for years. I posted on this website in 2015. I am trying again in case new members didn’t see my old post.

I remember an anthology horror film (or maybe it was an anthology horror TV show) that featured canned human fingers. I saw this on TV in the mid eighties; I am fairly certain it was in color and in English.

The following description might not be 100% accurate; it’s all a bit fuzzy.

So, one of the short films of this anthology film (or one of the episodes of this anthology TV series) involves a man that inadvertently buys a can of human fingers (maybe it was his wife that bought the canned fingers). Later, he goes back to the store to complain about it, the store clerk says that it is a case of offer-and-demand; he explains that companies produce what people want. The clerk also says that he remembers the first time refined sugar was offered and how customers were surprised.

The man then goes to the complaint department of the factory that manufactures the human canned fingers and then [spoiler alert!], after some bogus explanation about partial human cloning, he finds out the hard way that the complaint department is the source of the raw material of the product (he falls in a trap on the floor).

In the final scene, we see a person opening a can of human fingers and we notice a very particular ring; we remember that the main character used to wear it.

Any ideas?

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