80’s-90’s electricity comedy. Please help me find this movie, it’s like it doesn’t exist

I saw this movie in the 7th grade, which was about 7 or 8 years ago. It took two days to watch, therefore, it must be over 50 mins long. I’m sure it is a movie rather than a TV show. It was in color, and judging by the cheesy lightning in the beginning, I’m guessing it was made in the 80’s or 90’s but I’m not sure. Generally, this (teenage?) boy gets an electric shock (somehow..maybe cutting into a telephone wire with a chainsaw, while cutting down a tree branch?) and he wakes up thinking he’s dead but he’s in a weird place like a warehouse or a clustered laboratory or something and he’s tied to a table and a mad scientist or trickster god (maybe loki?) who tricks him into thinking his friends and family have died by electrocution, but the teen escapes and there’s an almost fight I don’t really remember, but it was a COMEDY I think. There was a lame scene where the trickster sang and put a light bulb to his chest saying “did you know the human body has enough energy to power a light bulb?” and it lights up magically. At the very end of the movie, he wakes up in the hospital and his family is safe. He thinks it was all a dream until his girlfriend knocks a glass of water over onto a lamp. He calls for the nurse but when she turns around it is actually the trickster and he screams “Noooo!”

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