80 or 90s horror (dark comedy) about a kid interacting with a weird goth family that movied in. I think…

… film ends with bones being discovered in the backyard after they move out?

I am not thinking of Nothing But Trouble and I don’t think it’s The Burbs. I don’t really remember much but I do remember there was a weird family that had either moved in or the main character’s family had just moved in (I remember the main character being a kid, which is why I don’t think it’s The Burbs with Tom Hanks) and the family was really gothy (wore all black and sun glasses in the sun, possibly a vampire?). They resembled the Adam’s Family sorta (mishmash of different oddballs). I forget if it was a horror film or a dark comedy. I remember either the ending (or near the end) that the weird family ends up moving out and it’s discovered their backyard is littered with human bones of the people they had killed (or eaten?)

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