70’s Sci-Fi movie

I saw a sci-fi movie on tv back in the 70’s and a couple of scenes have stuck with me through the years. The movie was in color and everyone spoke English.

The first scene I remember is of a man in his home retrieving a small box he had hidden. He seems to be sweating or nervous or otherwise unwell. When he opens the lid of the box there’s a green light shining out of it. He basks in the light and the man is revived as if the light were a medication he needed.

The second scene I remember is of a young boy finding the box and opening it. The green light burns him and I believe it’s later revealed to be a severe radiation burn.

I also seem to remember something about aliens and a dam but that could easily be a different movie. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. DOOD! You did it! This is totally the movie I remember. I did a quick image search based on the title and immediately recognized one of the actors. Now I just need to look for the movie.

    Thank you!

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