70s sci-fi / horror movie with stalked creatures

I remember seeing a movie on TV (in the US, in English, in color) in the 70s or possibly early 80s. iirc it took place on Earth and there was an invasion of creatures that looked like flat, stingray-like things that moved slowly across the ground without any visible legs (kind of like flattened slugs). Each creature  had a single vertical stalk/appendage that it used to “look” around. The creatures didn’t have any eyes or discernible features and they were very alien looking.

I don’t remember much else about it but it made an impression on me as a kid. I’m not sure if it was made for TV. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “70s sci-fi / horror movie with stalked creatures

    1. No, this isn’t it, but Fiend Without a Face is a great movie. 🙂 This movie was in color. The creatures were larger (roughly man-sized iirc) and flatter on the bottom.

    1. Nope. These creatures slid along the ground. The aliens in War of the Worlds are more like ships or machines.

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