70s or early 80s anime movie help

I was born in 1982 and remember from some point from 83-87 this Japanese anime movie with animals (reminds me of Pokemon characters), a young girl who go out on adventure to save…something or someone. One vivid memory is a woman who “is” the sky, as in when, it is night, she turns day into night by sweeping across the sky with her dress or a cape and that is the “night.” Makes me think of Gaia in Greek Mythology. The animal characters do a lot of jumping from rock to rock and have wide, expressions and mouths. Does this ring a bell??

6 thoughts on “70s or early 80s anime movie help

  1. I’ll toss a guess out there…Unico. There were a couple of Unico movies and I probably last saw them around the time you did, so I don’t remember a whole lot. However, the sky woman you describe reminds me of the West Wind, who brings Unico to different places.

    1. Yeah, funkbob had already beaten me to that one but I knew he was right. I’m also certain that was an answer I agreed with cotopaxi on sometime last year but we never got a confirmation.

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