70s or 80s International Arthurian Fantasy Sci-Fi Movie

It was in color, featured medieval garbed royalty trying to escape attack from flying sailing ships attacking with canons. Prince or Princess escapes on his/her own flying sailing ship.

It may have been some sort of international release (but I don’t think it was Japanese). I *think* the title was something like “Island at the End of Time” or “Until the End of the World”, or something along those lines. Internet searches have been fruitless.

5 thoughts on “70s or 80s International Arthurian Fantasy Sci-Fi Movie

  1. Thats it thats the one I’ was searching for I know now I’m not crazy, I remember that the castle might have been flying as well and there was a women singing from one of the towers when the skypirates attacked. The hero dude had to go on some quest to save time of course I also remember a desert. It wassn’t anime and wasn’t japanese but it might as well have been some international, I watched it in Hungary when people were busy copying vhs vids also it was translated to Hungarian. if that helps tell me please

  2. I am still searching, but thanks for the feedback! It is driving me insane! I will update the thread when/if I ever find it. And yes, it does help that you’ve seen it–now I know it wasn’t some dream or something. 😉

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