70’s or 80’s horror film

When I was a child, I watched a movie in color and english, that mainly was set inside a creepy 3 story house. It involved a family with a son who was mentally challenged and disfigured. He was kept in the cold, dark basement locked away from everyone.  What stood out is that he rode a big tricycle around the basement. It would creek and just soynd eerie. This family brought people down there for him to “Play” with, but he only tortured them thinking it was funny. (& what a creepy laugh he had)…I also remember a scene where a girl was lying in bed upstairs, and kept hearing noises through the vent grate in the floor. When she got down to listen, her scarf or hair got pulled by someone in the vent. I think it was the guy from the basement. (Not sure) She was pulled against the vent until she was bleeding and whoever was doing it either stabbed her or bit her. Would love to know what this movie was called. That’s all I have though….Please help! 🙂

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