70’s movies – not much to go on

Hello, these movies have been vexing me for years. I remember seeing these 2 snippets of these movies, when my parents were distracted but they seem burned into my head.

The first clip was of a man who gets on a bus, doesn’t look to well at all. Sits down while the bus drives down the street past a park. he’s looking around and he hears all the sounds of people around him but no one is there. He looks out the window and the same thing. Hears all the noise and people in the park but there is nothing there. I think my parents made me go to bed right after that but I’m not sure if this isn’t the beginning that leads to the next clip…

So several people on a bus or similar in a tunnel of some sort with water from a rain storm/flood/busted pipes or something like that.

I know it’s not much to go on, but it’s so burned into my head that I just want to find out what these/this movie is.

2 thoughts on “70’s movies – not much to go on

  1. Both good guesses, but these movies were in the 60’s or 70’s (saw them on TV in passing, before my parents saw me watching them and kicked me out of the room. I was all of like 5 or 6.) the scene on the bus was much like the ones in the langoliers, except there were obviously people on the bus (it was driving) and he could hear them but not see them. The second one (or possibly the same movie I’m still looking into that), was a lot like daylight but again way earlier.

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