70s Movie, Flogging Scene

First post here!  Color film, early 1980s or late 1970s, English (American).  I probably saw it on regular TV or maybe on VHS in the mid-1980s.  I only remember one scene but it’s been driving me crazy for years.

This blonde girl walks into a basement/cave/cellar?  There is a guy there that she is flirting with (maybe) and there is a vertical rack with wrist and ankle clamps – a big X-frame not a post.  She goes in a sexy voice “Ooo, a torture chamber” and puts a wrist into one clamp, then I think the guy puts her other wrist and ankles into the rack and starts whipping her.  No gore or blood.  I think it was supposed to be sexy at first but then got violent (and I think she didn’t expect that?).  Another guy comes down to rescue her.  He carries her off unconscious over his shoulder, and she is wearing white or nude bra/panties and white heels.

I also feel like there may have been an exotic theme to this movie, like maybe there was an Indian Prince or Raj or they were guests of a rich foreigner?  Take that with a grain of salt though…

The closing credits were text scrolling past an illustration or photo of the girl’s face or a “floating head” compilation… maybe the movie poster?

Thanks in advance!

6 thoughts on “70s Movie, Flogging Scene

    1. Not Waxwork – I know that movie. It was not a period film, either; I don’t remember the main characters being in costumes. The girl was definitely in a more bra/panty set, not historic undergarments.

      I do remember the girl put her wrist in one of the clamps voluntarily, like she was playing. The playful scene and the actually flogging scene could have been two separate scenes, too. I was probably 6 or 8 when I saw this movie.

    1. Any other details you remember that might be helpful? At least to eliminate some options.

      I have been racking my brain, but I really can’t remember anything else. It wasn’t a horror or erotica movie, and “70s-ish” is the best way I can describe the color palette and hair styles. It could be an older movie than I think, too…

      I even went through a spanking/whipping fetish movie list (yikes) trying to find this one, but didn’t come across anything familiar.

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