70’s Horror/Sci-Fi movie?

Okay, this probably won’t be much help because I literally only remember 1 scene. I saw this movie when I was younger. I believe I rented it from Netflix but I could be wrong. But I know I rented it somehow. Anyway, this movie has got to be from the 70’s. The scene I remember had a man and a woman who, I think, were captured and put into this giant, like, massive glass rat like cage and they were completely naked and were being watch from a scientist up top. Now…the crazy thing is that the scientist was normal sized compared to the cage. So it was made to look like the man and woman were the size of rats or something. That’s all I remember. I remember feeling horrified watching it and turning it off. It was extremely weird. And I’m not sure if it was foreign or not… Please help. I’ve been wondering what this movie is forever.

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