70’s Horror flick – spiked walls closing in

I remember only one scene from a movie I saw at a drive-in when I was a very young child. It was a typical horror flick where victims are trying to escape deathly danger. A small group of people were trapped in a room with Spiked Walls which are closing in on them. That is the only scene I recall, but it was a double feature and the name of the other movie was Asylum (1972).

I am aware of the similar post about closing in Spiked Walls but NO the movie I’m looking for is NOT Krull or Temple of Doom. It is a much earlier film (early 70’s) and looks a lot like the scene from the original Batman with the Spiked Walls. All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Original 1972 ‘Tales From the Crypt’ from Amicus films in England. There was only 1 guy in a wall lined with razors and his very hungry dog is at the other end, so his choice is get attacked & probably killed by his German shepard, or slashed by the razors. He was the head of a home for blind men, and this was their revenge for his depriving them of adequate food & heat. It think I orig. saw it at a drive-in dbl feature with ‘Asylum’, also 1972, also from Amicus. That is my best guess.

  2. Thank you so much! I’d seen that same recommendation on another similar post but when I watched the trailer, it didn’t seem familiar. But the fact that you also saw it at a drive-in as a double feature with Asylum just as I did -solidifies it! I was only 3yrs old so my memory of it could have been confused. I will definitely watch it asap and see what I recall. Again thanks, because those spiked walls and crawling limbs (from Asylum) were the basis of my childhood nightmares… so I always wondered.

  3. most likely a Japanese (potentially korean or even chinese) movie with 2 female student friends. one is pimping out the other, who seems somewhat mentally unstable and unaware. theyre doing this so they can afford tickets to another country together. the pimp friend lives with a single dad who I think is a cop. the prostitute friend ends up dying from falling out of a window and the pimp takes her place as a prostitute. once she has sex with the men they become ‘good’ men as if she is a pure god. the dad finds out and drops her off at a random village and leaves her there.

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