70’s Horror flick – spiked walls closing in

I remember only one scene from a movie I saw at a drive-in when I was a very young child. It was a typical horror flick where victims are trying to escape deathly danger. A small group of people were trapped in a room with Spiked Walls which are closing in on them. That is the only scene I recall, but it was a double feature and the name of the other movie was Asylum (1972).

I am aware of the similar post about closing in Spiked Walls but NO the movie I’m looking for is NOT Krull or Temple of Doom. It is a much earlier film (early 70’s) and looks a lot like the scene from the original Batman with the Spiked Walls. All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Original 1972 ‘Tales From the Crypt’ from Amicus films in England. There was only 1 guy in a wall lined with razors and his very hungry dog is at the other end, so his choice is get attacked & probably killed by his German shepard, or slashed by the razors. He was the head of a home for blind men, and this was their revenge for his depriving them of adequate food & heat. It think I orig. saw it at a drive-in dbl feature with ‘Asylum’, also 1972, also from Amicus. That is my best guess.

  2. Thank you so much! I’d seen that same recommendation on another similar post but when I watched the trailer, it didn’t seem familiar. But the fact that you also saw it at a drive-in as a double feature with Asylum just as I did -solidifies it! I was only 3yrs old so my memory of it could have been confused. I will definitely watch it asap and see what I recall. Again thanks, because those spiked walls and crawling limbs (from Asylum) were the basis of my childhood nightmares… so I always wondered.

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