70s B teen movies

When I was a kid, we had this subscription TV service called “Star Case.” It was like a satellite service, with a proprietary antenna on the roof and a special descrambler box.

On this service was a bunch of really cheesy teen film all by the same producers. It was always the same dreg actors with trans-ams and corvettes. One film they all stole a firetruck. All the movies seemed to be about teen life in So Cal., and the crazy random stuff they could come up with. All the movies seemed very coked-out.

Star Case also had a light-porn series by one particularly popular B-porn producer and I cannot remember his name, but they were really warped…like everyone was doing WAY too much coke with a loaded camera.

1) Does anyone remember Star Case TV?

2) Does anyone remember the super cheesy shows I’m mentioning. I have NO idea who to find their titles or producers.

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