70s 80s crime spree road trip movie

Saw about a year and a half ago in the middle of the night on basic cable. Two guys from a small town go on the run because one guy committed a crime against his friends advice. The one guy thinks he’s a real ladies man and picks up a chick at Bar.She friends it to be a total psycho and they rite her up.Hey daughter comes home and is smoking hot so they steal a car and go on the road with the both of them screwing her all the time till they meet an indian chick who joins them and her brother is a murderer who is pissed off that they took her along for this.there is a lost dog at some point out in the desert and the hot chick is as crazy as her mom and in the middle of an armed robbery at a bank she humiliates the two guys for being lames and leaves the bank with some dude she never met before but that doesn’t mind robbing the bank with her.the movie ends with the two guys hitting the beach in I think malibu.

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