70-90s comedy Young guy meets a lady at a cafe, the attempts of making the date are the storyline

He meets this girl in a café basically, and he ends up going over to her place later. She has a roomate that is doing paper mache stuff.

Rest may or may not be in order:

There´s this gag throughout the movie about two guys in a van stealing stuff, among those the paper mache thing, and the main character calls them out for it but we learn those were friends of the roommate.

I´m fairly sure the girl(might´ve been the roomate) dies at some point or in the midst of the movie.

There´s a note that one of them have gone to a “hard rock” bar or disco, and the main character goes there, and in the party, some guys pin him down and attempt/or succesfully shave his head.

Rest I can´t really recall, thanks in advance!

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