70-80s satanic rituals

This movie was scary! About a pregnant woman who finds out these satanic people want her baby.  One scary scene, they are burying her alive with bricks.  I think she recovers but is no longer pregnant.  I thought it was Rosemary’s baby but I saw most of that a few years ago.  I’m sure it’s not the same movie.

10 thoughts on “70-80s satanic rituals

  1. Could possibly be Beyond the Door (1974) the details aren’t completely the same, but the baby winds up being stillborn…there’s also the Seventh Sign (1988) but that’s probably too far off…worth a try either way.

    1. Oh, that is the last scene in the movie. I just glanced at it before. It takes place in the present. They got it as flashbacks from the past earlier.

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