60’s or 70’s execution of woman

I saw the end of a movie when I was about 10 in which a female prisoner with a baby in her arms was taken out and shot in front of a brick wall. I think there were a couple of other prisoners too.  They took the baby from her arms and shot her and then it showed them hiding away the blood.  I remember holes in the white brick walls.  It showed her crumple and the baby crying and the blood being washed away.  That was the end.

I always assumed it was WWII but recently I got to thinking maybe it was the Spanish civil war? It is definitely set in the mid-twentieth century and would have been on TV in the late 1970’s.  I think she was maybe a spy or part of the resistance.  I believe she was wearing a dark grey dress and kerchief which were probably a prison uniform?  And she had dark hair.

It was such a shocking thing to flick past while changing the channel and I just wonder what war I walked in on.  Thanks!

One thought on “60’s or 70’s execution of woman

  1. I meant to say “hosing” away the blood but autocorrect got me. The casualness with which they cleaned up the blood is what got me. And what will happen to the baby now?

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