6-Film live action fantasy series crystal collectors?

Movie series spanned across 6 VHS tapes that I would rent at a Video Connection while growing up. In color, in English, rented films, don’t remember if ever on TV, had to have been released very late 80s but possibly up to mid 90s, I believe I would have watched between 1995-98. I remember the 2nd film having like a large alien race with bald/possibly Conehead resemblances that captured the main protagonist. I can’t remember if he traveled via spaceship or what. But those large aliens in movie 2 put him in a large terrarium type of setting like what a tarantula would be in, but I don’t remember if there were any threats like spiders, snakes etc. Film 3 brought the protagonist to a town and I swear one of the characters in the third film was basically a real-life raggedy Anne doll or something. There were other helpers in this town; a convention or type of fall festival was ongoing while the guy visited in search of the crystal or whatever it was he was looking for. Can’t remember films 1, 4, or 6 for the life of me, but I remember that at the end of film 4 there was a preview for the 5th one that included their spaceship or perhaps a subway train or something being attacked by like brown worm like monsters which was going to stop or crash what the protagonist was riding in. I feel like at the beginning of the series he may have been in his room on a computer and brought aboard a spaceship to begin the adventure. He may be brown/darker haired and have a new partner or group of folks tagging along eacf film or a new partner coming on board for the remainder of the adventure. I’m thinking he wasn’t alone. I can’t remember completely but I believe the 2nd film had a yellow vhs box showing large hands reaching into the terrarium, and movie 3 may have been bright pink as the box with the raggtedy Anne character on the cover with the main character and a few others. The ultimate questbor goal was to reunite their crystal shards or collecting so many pieces of a shiny substance. I don’t think they traveled through time, though it is possible. I never got to watch or find out how the series ended because the video rental store never acquired a copy to my knowledge. Please help me as I’ve struggled remembering this from my childhood since I originally watched them back then. Thanks in advance!

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