3D animated sci-fi

I remember seeing a movie a while ago with my grandpa. It was this futuristic movie about a woman, and somewhere in there is a bunch of clones, or maybe a community of them, or maybe everyone is a clone. I don’t know why or how, but she wants to fight for them, and she goes through a bunch of training exercises. I remember them not actually letting her in yet because she is a woman. Anyway, after a training exercise two of the people argue about letting her in, something like “she killed 17 of our best men with just a knife”. Also, her father was killed or almost killed and brought back. At a scene near the end, in what I believe to be a lab, where she learns something about her mother who is dead, there is a lot of running and the clone men with her die, and blue or green ish blood comes from them in this one. I think she shoots some high up guy in the head. I can’t remember much about the very end, but it involves walking machines that when broken into had timers in them, and at the end someone says they have a lot of rebuilding to do.

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