3D animated movie about twins and trains

So I think I watched this movie around 2007-2010. I was really confused when I watched it and my memory of it is really blurry.  In the beginning there was this fraternal twins playing with a model train then their uncle or grandpha (I’m not really sure what he was to the twins but I’m sure that he was old) came in and they were talking about the twins’s dead parents or something.  Then they were in a model train set museum or some shit but there were a lot of scientists in there. Suddenly an accident happened and a vortex or portal suddenly appeared. They were sucked in that vortex and they ended up in a mysterious world they don’t know. I don’t remember what happened next but they found a train that was the life size version of the train model set and they found a picture of their parents on a newspaper. So they must be alive or something. So the twins and that grandpha travelled using the train. I don’t really remember what happened next but the were some dangerous shit happened while they were travelling. They recognize the places they were passing and realized that they were in the real version world of the train model set. After that they were arriving to frontierville or something and it just ended right there. A message then appeared hinting of a sequel

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