3 thriller/drama movies late 90s/early 00s

Hello everyone, I hope anyone can help me 🙂
I watched this movies randomly on TV, I’m pretty sure all of them were in English. I’ll try to explain what I remember about each of them, but I leave a door open for brain trolling – as sometimes happens.


♦ Movie #1
Watched around 2006-2008
– Thriller/Drama movie
– It’s not “Frailty”
– All I remember is that a man killed his family/kids or kidnaped and murdered kids in general, and he hid/buried the bodies in a hole – I believe near the house.
There was this police investigation/searching that kind of lead to the man that was now living in that house, but eventually the murders were commited by his father – the owner of that house. This man (the father) was already dead by this point, and the bodies were found in that hole that had water inside and was covered with some planks (if I recall correctly).
I don’t remember if there was any ghosts or supernatural things, but I’m sure it wasn’t a horror movie.


♦ Movie #2 (Solved! “Imaginary Playmate)
– Watched around 2006-2008
– Suspense movie
– About this one, I remember was about a family that moves into a new house near some kind of woods. They had this little boy who begins to see a ghost (a girl I believe). There was a swing in the backyard, and usually the ghost was there.
One day this boy founds a church near the house and some gravestones (I think the ghost girl lead him to that place and in fact one of those were hers).
From here, all I can remember is at the end, one night the kid dissapeared and his father and babysitter/stepmother (I’m sorry I can’t be precise) found him on top of the roof like he was about to jump, but in reality the ghost was below in the backyard persuading him to go with her because his family doesn’t loved him. The babysitter/stepmother manage to go to the roof through a window and after a while she saves him. It was pouring rain in this scene.


♦ Movie #3 (Solved! “Horror Express”)
– Watched around 1999-2002
– Looked like an old horror movie, maybe 80s/70s
– All I remember is like 3 minutes, all I watched.
There was this kind of sarcophagus/wooden box beeing transported from one place to another that had something inside nobody should see. I remember a man (or two) that end up opening this box and was this creature inside that when it sees you, you die and bleed through your eyes, nose and mouth. This creature had glowing red eyes.
About this one, for my entire surprise after decades of living with the memory and mistery of this one scene, this past weekend I found a horror movie from the 70s that goes with this description. It’s “Horror Express” from 1972, but I’ll leave the question in case there’s another movie similar that could potentially go with the description. If not, I still gonna explode because I finally could solve this millenial mystery for me (T^T)9

Thanks in advance ♥

7 thoughts on “3 thriller/drama movies late 90s/early 00s

  1. Oh, sorry! I guess I should’ve read the entire description. I think that you’ve already solved no. 3.

    1. No problem. I think you just confirmed me that was the movie, indeed. Thank you!!
      DECADES of having that scene floating in my mind not knowing what movie actually was and with no more ideas on how to try to google it. “Bleeding eyes movie scene” – looking through the images I found one picture linked to a blog talking about this movie. Just one.

      Again, thanks for your reply 🙂

      MOVIE #3 SOLVED.

    1. OMG, yes!! This was the movie! Thank you so much!! 😀 <3
      My memory was close enough – except for the fact it was a little girl and not a little boy.
      I only could find it on YT in 240p. Sad quality but still worth it 🙂


      – Only is missing movie #1

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