The scene i remember is most likely from the 80s or 90s, it was in English and was probably shown on HBO or Cinemax in the 90s.   I vaguely remember a Japanese person being involved but maybe not. A person falls into or goes into some body of water (dark colored pool i think) and there is an underwater ghost/demon/creature with creepy human/mask face that slithers towards the camera. That is all I remember. (SOLVED: Shadow of the Hawk)


The second movie is also most likely from the 80’s and 90’s, in english and i would have seen it on fox’s weekend matinee movies in the 90’s. The scene I remember is a women at a table or in a room with her husband maybe and she looks at a pattern on the chair fabric or wallpaper and sees little creatures or figures in it. It has a very Rosemary’s Baby  vibe. The women is hallucinating or maybe has been experimented on and its very conspiratorial feeling from what i remember.


The  third movie is from the 80’s and 90’s  and in english. Its about witches or a witch coven possibly and the scene i remember is a women entering a room with like a red lighting tone and there are all kinds of giant bugs on the walls, i remember a yellow one possibly also some sort of witchcraft but again this one has a very conspiratorial tone. Kind of like  Spellbinder but i don’t think that’s it. (SOLVED: Silent Night, Deadly Night IV: Initiation)


Any help would be great.

18 thoughts on “3 MOVIES THRILLER/HORROR 80S or 90S

    1. This had so much promise but its not it. You know when they zoom in on the paintings at the museum in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off? Its like that when they zoom in on the wall paper or fabric pattern.The women is at a table and sees little goblins and hears things when they zoom in on the pattern of the wallpaper, its very detailed wallpaper and her vision is kind of blurry like she is drugged or dreaming. The closest thing to it as far as the feeling is Rosemarys Baby but i want to say this is newer.

    1. It is not The Abyss, all of these movies are obscure. And the aliens in The Abyss didn’t have white mask faces under water. The thing im thinking of looked like a weird Japanese style puppet thing.

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