3 girls stripping for a bunch of musician guys

I saw this clip on dailymotion. It seems to have been deleted now as I can’t find it. It was a color video.

There is a half nude Arabian girl dancing around 5 men sitting on the floor, 3 of whom are playing instruments.

There are two guest girls too who are also sitting and watching the dance. One of the girl hints the other girl about the dance. The other girl then stands up and starts stripping while dancing and gets full nude. The men also stand up and start clapping to encourage.

The first guest girl also joins and starts stripping and dancing and gets full nude.

Towards the end of the clip the music dies and the men form a canopy with their long robes and cover all the three girls.

Can anyone help to identify the name of the movie?

4 thoughts on “3 girls stripping for a bunch of musician guys

  1. HI there..I guess its Emmanuelle in Bangkok..acted by french actress Laura Gemser..search google..Emmanuelle in Bangkok 1..and you will find the clip!!

  2. Wow! Nice! Thanks Tim. You are accurately correct. Thanks a ton. 🙂
    Sorry for the late thanks.

    And thanks for trying jockland. I’ll watch that movie also.

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