3 Cheating Women and 1 Man

I saw this movie sometime between 1992 and 1995 in the middle of the night in my parents room. I think it may have been in black and white. What I do remember is that there are 3 rich women (queens?) who basically decide to cheat on their husbands with this one guy or they decide to make the husbands think they are cheating.

The main scene I remember is when one of the women goes on a picnic with her husband. The picnic blanket is set up underneath a tree. She asks her husband to pick some fruit from the tree. When the husband climbs up the tree, she calls over the “other man” and they start making out/having sex on the picnic blanket. The husband looks down and sees this and decides to climb down. But by the time he climbs down, she has dismissed the “other man” and is just sitting on the blanket. The husband climbs up the tree again, the woman calls out the lover, the husband sees and climbs down again only to find her alone again. I thought it was hilarious.

My parents had cable so it could have been on Cinemax or HBO or something similar.

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