2 old women telling a story to a young girl about how they fell in love with the same man…


I saw this film when I was in elementary school, so I’m assuming the film was released sometime in the 1990’s. Also, this movie is most likely rated G or PG. It was very cute and light film.

This movie is in color.


The film is essentially about two elderly women telling a story of how they fell in love with the same man during their youth (their 20’s). If I remember correctly, this man was someone very famous, possibly a musician or a composer. While the women are telling this story to a young girl (age range 8-10), flashbacks are shown.

What was funny about this film was that these two women often bickered as their versions of the same story are slightly different and biased. One example I can remember is they were arguing about what this man was wearing for a certain event.

Another interesting thing about this film was the young girl (for some odd reason) could go back in time and interact with the man during the flashbacks

Another clue I remember is that these old women were in a kitchen while telling their story.

 I hope anyone can help! I really enjoyed this film when I was kid and would love to see it again.

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