2 Movies

So there are two movies that I seem to not be able to figure out. The first one I saw when I was maybe 6 or 7, so this would have been in the 90s. It was animated and what I rememeber about it was it was a lot like the Princess Swan. The only difference is that at the end the prince gives up his human form to save the princess, he is turned into a bird of some kind. The princess ends up returning back to human form, but there is no way they can turn the prince back. She chooses to become a bird again so they can be together. It was an animated movie and I remember watching it on cable. I always thought it was called “The Swan Prince,” but clearly it isn’t. The second movie that I cannot remember but can recall a clip. I believe the clip is in the beginning. The scene is between two women, I am pretty certain it is a mom and daughter. They are traveling by ship to a different country. The older woman is sitting infront of a mirror brushing her hair and comments on how beautiful the younger woman is. The next thing we see is that there is a storm. They are on deck and somehow the luggage becomes loose, crushing and killing the older woman. Then we see a funeral. Can anyone figure what these movies are?! Thanks!

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