2 movies I can’t remember

I have 2 movies floating around that I can’t seem to remember much of besides a scene or two. The first one was some SyFy movie from the early 2000’s about these shadow creatures or demons that I think come from another dimension/gateway from inside a military base and destroy everything as they escape

The second is some space related movie from the same time where these people start waking up in pods and there is something taking them or dispatching of them until a couple manage to get out of the pods.
I know these are vague descriptions, but they have been bugging me for years and I can’t seem to find anything about them anywhere

2 thoughts on “2 movies I can’t remember

  1. not sure as not watched it for years but it coud be pandorum? it came out in 2009 though so, prob too late if it was early 2000s

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