1990s movie – teenage girl having flashback memories

I saw this movie on TV in the mid-90s. I didn’t see all of it; I caught only part, maybe 10 minutes total? It’s a teenage girl, she’s in her room – maybe lying on her bed? Or maybe just sitting on the bed? There are people (friends? family? not sure) outside her door, and I seem to remember that they are calling to her – maybe they’re trying to get her to come out for some reason, or maybe they’re just talking to her through the door for the hell of it? Again, memory foggy.

Here is what is mostly clear: She is in her room at whatever teenage-age, and she is having flashback memories from when she was younger.
I *SWEAR* that one of the flashback-memory scenes is that she has a fish tank, and somehow she accidentally kills the fish – I really want to say she accidentally electrocutes the tank with a wire or cord or something?? And after she has this memory (or maybe before?), the people outside her door call to her, “(name – which I can’t remember what her name was), are you messing with the fish?” or something like that.
Another flashback-memory scene is that she is in some church or building, and there is an old lady playing the organ SUPER-LOUDLY, and the girl is young and she’s screaming and screaming at the old lady, trying to get her attention for something, but the lady doesn’t hear her and just keeps playing the organ. Then the scene cuts to the girl being at home (maybe in her bedroom again?) and all she can hear is organ music because it’s, like, deafened her ears. Then the scene cuts to the girl as a teenager in her room. At least, I think it does.

If you have ANY idea of what this movie is, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! It is like an itch that I cannot scratch and it has driven me crazy for YEARS.

THANK YOU for any feedback you might have.



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