1981 La chèvre (USA 1985) bar scene song


Hi! 🙂 I know the name of the movie already, La chèvre, but am asking this for a fellow buddy, who says that there is this rock/ hard rock song in this movie (prob from late 70s to early 80s?), when they are in a bar, and if you watch this Yt vid clip, you can hear the song coming from the jukebox…

Nothing in the end credits, he says, it’s not listed on the OST either, searched everywhere he knew to, as I have, as well… both of us have come up with absolutely nothing 🙁


Can anyone help please? Name of the band, and if possible, the name of the song title, please? Here is the Yt clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RUpLJTSQqE&ab_channel=clacyr

*(thanks truly for any help.)

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  1. Nevermind, but thanks anyway 🙂 Someone else had gotten back with him earlier this morning, with all what he needed to know.

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