1980s movie set in the 1950s

I remember watching a movie on HBO in the early ’80’s. The setting was 1950s small town USA. All the actors were young so they were either Seniors in high school or had just graduated. There was a blonde main character, clean cut and traditional. One day this biker guy moves in next door. The main character finds him fascinating and tries to befriend him. I remember there being a couple of female love interests (a blonde and a brunette I believe). One girl, conservative, dark hair, pony tail falls for the biker dude. They don’t get her parents blessing to be together so biker dude and girlfriend leave town on his motorcycle towards the end of the movie. The main character falls for a pretty blonde but she’s not as nice or conservative as he thought she’d be. In the beginning he’s crazy about her they break up at the end. Typical coming of age movie. The main character learns not to be meek and builds confidence, stretches himself out of his comfort zone with the help of his new biker friend. What is the name of this movie, it’s killing me?  Great music soundtrack from the ’50s.

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