1980-1990 post apocalyptic sci-fi movie

I think that the movie was about a teenager/young adult somehow ending up in another dimension trying to save his girlfriend or something like that.

There’s a bald (and scarred?) cop in sunglasses that apprehends the teenager at some point and cuffs him with handcuffs that consists of two hands chained to each other.

I might making this one up, but I think that the cops sunglasses breaks towards the end and that it kills him. If so, sorry for the spoiler.. 😉

In another scene towards the end a succubus tries to trick the teenager into having sex with her, but the teenager notices the succubus’s tail.

The world/dimension is some kind of post-apocalyptic desert wasteland.

I reckon this movie might be from the late 80’s or early 90’s and it’s an American movie.

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