1970s/80s – blonde woman eats berries in the woods

– Color film
– Likely in English, but could’ve been dubbed
– Uncertain of genre (possibly fantasy, sci-fi or thriller)
– Watched sometime in the late 1980s; the movie had a ’70s/’80s feel
– Could have been a movie, made-for TV movie, or TV show; I watched it on VHS on which my grandpa had recorded various things from TV and other tapes
– I seem to remember the VHS having the word “Earthling” written on it, but it could’ve been the title of something else on the tape, or something that had been taped over. I’ve since tried to research movies called “Earthling,” but haven’t turned up anything.

The scene I remember is a woman with long blonde hair in a green, wooded area. I think she may have been lost, or had escaped from someone, or had possibly been transported there. Either way, she seemed weak and in peril and was starving. She crawled around on the ground and started eating some nearby berries, but they ended up making her sick. I remember her gagging and possibly vomiting; not sure if the berries were poisonous or if her body was reacting because she hadn’t eaten. That’s all I remember.

This scene has stayed with me since childhood. Any leads would be much appreciated!

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